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Jojoebi Designs - Waffle-Snort Pattern

Waffle-snorts are happy little creatures which live in Japanese nashi (pear) orchards. They are soft and cuddly and love to play tricks. You will never come across a grumpy waffle-snort, grumpy is simply not in their vocabulary.

This pattern is great for beginners and I recommend using fleece and felt so great fabrics for a beginner to work with. The finished waffle-snort is approx 30cm from tip of his ears to the tip of his toes.

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fleece 70cm x 60cm (other stretch fabrics will work well too)
white felt 12cm x 7cm
black felt 10cm x 5cm
pale pink felt 12cm x 7cm
contrasting felt 15cm x 17cm
polyfil or similar
co-ordinated thread

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