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Hilco - Campan Knit - Dark Blue/White

This is a top quality knit fabric from Hilco Germany.  The fabric is made from 97% cotton, 3% elastane, which is better known outside of Europe as spandex, or Lycra.  This elastane content gives the fabric a great elasticity making the fabric suitable for leggings or tshirts, while the high cotton content creates a softness which is perfect for children's clothing.  

The fabric is 145cm wide which means you can often get a child's top out of 1/2 a metre of fabric (depending of course on the size of the top!).   This fabric is often featured in Ottobre magazine and when sewing European patterns such as Ottobre, Farbenmix or Mamu Design, working out the fabric requirements is made easy since they or often based on fabric of this width.

Large stripes are approximately 8mm wide, small stripes are 3mm.

97% cotton, 3% elastane

Fabric is 145cm wide.



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