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About Us

I live in Melbourne Australia, and I have a passion for things handcrafted. My own handcrafting journey started at the age of 6 when my mum first taught me to crochet as something to do in the back seat as we travelled around Central Australia on our family holidays. I used to spend recess time at primary school finishing off my first knitted jumper, and most of my mini skirts at high school were made by me (even if I did let mum sew the zip in).

My love of fabric started relatively recently when I walked into a store selling bolts of fabric by Marrimekko. It quite simply took my breath away. Since then I have discovered designers from the United States, Europe, Japan and of course our own local talent. During 5 months spent touring Europe with my own family in a campervan I wasn’t able to sew, but in the evenings when the kids were asleep I could still discover new fabric on the internet. On my return to Australia starting up a fabric store seemed the most logical thing to do.

This store is my attempt to bring as much beautiful fabric as possible to you at the most reasonable prices so that we can all feel a bit of fabric love.