Yes I've had a few successes in my sewing room lately (which has been quite exhilarating after a string of disappointments which made me wonder why I bothered to sew anything).  I am particularly pleased with a couple of skirt alterations I did last weekend.  I find clothes shopping so frustrating - I go from shop to shop and hardly ever find something I want to buy.  So when I found this great linen skirt at an  Ojay outlet for $26 (yes the bargain theme continues!) I had to have it, even if it was a size 16.  I figured for that price it was worth trying to alter it, and if it worked, there was a whole shop full of cheap size 16 skirts I could come back for.


The skirt needed a couple of inches taken out of the waist band, but due to pockets that run into the side seams I didn't really want to unpick the sides.  What it did have was a bit of gathering on the back of the waist band, which was just begging to be cut out.  So cut it out I did!  (I only thought to take this photo after I had started to unpick the waistband). 

The skirt has a seam down the back which I could have taken in to get rid of the excess skirt fabric, but then I would have had to mess with the hem, and since I can always do with a little extra fullness at the rear, I just put some gathers in the skirt and then re-attached the waistband.

And it worked perfectly!  Well, if you look carefully you can see that the side seams now come around the back by a couple of cms on each side.  I have to admit that this bothers my very mild anal tendency for things to be exactly right (which only ever shows itself when I sew) but I'm sure most people would never notice and so I'm trying to ignore it and and enjoy my much needed new linen skirt.

That same afternoon I did the same thing on this skirt which was a little loose when I bought it last season, but was pretty much unwearable after I'd lost 5kg during the winter (before I go on I just have to say that I had no idea i had a penchant for linen skirts with buttons down the front until I started to write this blog post!).

This skirt doesn't have pockets in the side seams, so I did the right thing and took a couple of centimetres out of the waist band on each side (there was already a seam there which made life easy).  I then took in the skirt and lining, tapering it to meet the original side seam before I reached the bottom so that I didn't have to do any adjustments at the hem.

I was so thrilled that my sewing skills had come in useful and provided me with two skirts that will get heaps of wear this summer.  I went on to make a shirt, a t-shirt and two pairs of summer pyjama pants for Hamish.  Woohoo - I do believe I have finally refound my sewjo!