Whilst the boys were busy at the Begonia Chess Tournament in Ballarat last weekend, we girls went to see the Begonias.

Begonia Festival

The trip gave me a chance to test out the car organiser I have been working on since before Christmas. This is the third attempt and I think I finally have it right (and of course some gorgeous new Echino fabric helps make it pretty!).

Car organiser

Zoe now has pens and a colouring book within reach of her car seat and I've put some tissues and wipes in there so that I don't have to pass them back from the glove box any more.  What I'd really like to do is sew another one to hang next to my ironing board to hold my pins/scissors/rulers etc which sit permanently on the end of my board.  Actually I can think of a few places around the home something like this might be handy.  Maybe I should get a production line going...