Last week when I opened the box of Riley Blake Quite Contrary fabric which had just arrived I gasped with delight and immediately thought about how perfect it would be for a little girl's skirt.  I have been putting off making the Make it Perfect Blossom skirt pattern for some time because I was worried about how long it would take with all the tiers and frills This fabric was so gorgeous, however, I figured it was worth the time it might take to make such a cute skirt. 

Pattern: Make it Perfect Blossom
Fabric:  Riley Blake Quite Contrary
Size: Size 4


As it happened this skirt didn't take too long to make, although I had cut the fabric last week, so I just had to sew it together. I set up my miniature iron which I can use without getting up from the sewing machine, put on my iPod, got comfortable, and started to sew. I took a break for lunch but I would say the skirt took me about 2 hours, which I think was time well spent considering how well it turned out. 

The instructions to make the skirt are very straightforward, as is the sewing required, although getting the gathers even and correctly positioned is fiddly. I would recommend labeling the fabric selected for each tier/frill (or drawing up a key), because all the strips and tiers do get confusing at times. 

This pattern also comes with a template for a t-shirt applique and a bag pattern, which would make a super cute ensemble indeed.  Overall I'm really pleased I gave this pattern a try and will keep it in mind next time I want to create a special little skirt for a special little girl.