Every time new fabric and patterns arrive I have a strong desire to drop whatever I’m doing and sew. Alas unfortunately these days new stock arrives so fast I’ve barely chosen which pattern I want to make when the next stack arrives. This Favorite Things Little Nighty Night pattern must have arrived during a lull, or maybe it was just so darn cute I decided to sew it no matter how many other jobs were on hold (or sewing projects half finished). And since Anna Maria Horner’s voile had just arrived I stopped dreaming and started cutting before anything else could get in the way.

The very cute pattern is from from Canadian designers Favorite Little Things (their Favorite Things label is for adult patterns). This pattern was very simple to put together, although it always pays to read the instructions carefully (I trimmed the seam allowance as I overlocked the seam connecting the bodice to the skirt and then realised I needed to use this seam allowance to make a chanel). I’m certainly keen to try another of these patterns and there are many to choose from!

I can’t finish this post without commenting on Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks collection. It is printed on cotton voile, which is quite different to the quilting fabric her designs have been printed on in the past. The voile is much finer, and much softer. Actually it’s hard to describe just how soft this fabric is to touch. It really is like no other fabric I’ve ever sewn with. Also part of the Little Folks collection are some prints on dobby dot cotton, which is beautiful fine cotton with tiny raised dots woven through the cloth. The lower part of the nighty is made from the dobby dots, and as you can see it coordinates beautifully with the voile.

Because this fabric is so fine it drapes superbly and is perfect for clothing (although it also makes stunning quilts). And as you can see you don’t really need to do much with it – this is half a metre made into a super simple but stunning scarf. I see a few of these in my wardrobe this season!