Meet our new family members! Zoe is very excited about their arrival. She’s had to accept that there are no new babies and no pets making their way into this household – but by the smile on her face it seems that dressable dummies are a good subsitute. Check out the great curves on the mummy dummy (is it wrong to be jealous of a dummy?). Her brother tells me that it’s a bit freaky having life size dummies standing on the stair well – and he could be right. We’ll leave them there for now though.

You can see that the mummy dummy is sporting a Versatile Wrap made from denim with an Echino Peacock trim. I make changes to this pattern every time I make it (this is number 3).

I have replaced the elastic I put in the first version with darts across the back which look more stylish but don’t hold the skirt on quite as well.

This time I added a much larger trim to show of the Echino fabric but realised onced I tried to sew it together that the physics of sewing a large straight strip onto the bottom of a skirt made of trapeziums doesn’t really work. Next time I use a wide trim I will add it before I sew the skirt panels together (it works fine with the narrow trim written into the pattern).

I also add snaps to the front waistband of my skirt because I like my skirts to stay put as I climb in and out of the car all day. I put the snaps into the waistband before I sew it onto the skirt so that you can’t see them, but as I never wear anything tucked in it works just as well to add them at the end. And yes the ties are at the back…the first time this was by accident but I prefer them there as they don’t create bulk at the front under my t-shirt (they may create a little bulk at the back under my t-shirt but since I can’t see it this is only an issue for those who walk behind me).

If you’ve got keen eyes you may also notice that the girlie dummy is sporting some Anna Maria Horner voile. Oooooh ahhhhhhh…..stay tuned!!!