I had great plans to show off the projects I’ve been working on since Christmas but I have nothing finished to show. I have been doing lots of zoo going, beach swimming, ballet watching, friend visiting, family reuniting….but not much sewing. Which of course makes for a very happy family, so I’m not complaining. But just a little more sewing time would be nice :)

Here are my two at the Arts Centre on their way to see the Engish National Ballet’s Angelina Ballerina. I’m a lucky mamma because I have two budding ballerinas in the family (although one would have been happier watching the cricket than Angelina Ballerina…not that he could be told beforehand!).

To celebrate the fact that it’s holidays and doesn’t really matter after all if I get my Oliver + s dress finished this week or next, I’m going to extend the sale for another week. So if you haven’t already take advantage of the low prices to grab yourself a piece of fabric or a pattern to sew with this year.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to the movies to escape from the impending 43 degree day and a house with no aircon!