We’ve had a busy month here. Whilst everybody else seems to be preparing for Christmas we are still deep in birthday season, with 4 family members celebrating so far this month. Then the kids had their first ballet concert (awwwww!) plus the normal school run/meetings/sports days….well like I said – it’s been busy. So last weekend, with the Australian Quilt Market on Saturday and a birthday party that required a costume on Sunday, the last thing in the world I needed to be doing was starting a new sewing project. BUT – when the new Farbenmix/Studio tantrum patterns arrived in the post it was like I became possessed, and after school pickup on Friday I literally walked in the front door and up the stairs to get myself some fabric to start sewing. My first mission was the Redondo skirt, because Zoe had had one before (sewn by the lovely Milly of Tin Whistle) but had sadly grown out of it.

Just a couple of hours of sewing later I emerged from the sewing room with Redondo 2.0..

This skirt is slim at the top, but flares out to a very full skirt:

And does it twirl?? Does it ever!

Feeling pretty pleased with myself, I sat down late Friday night to do some internet surfing and visited this lovely blog. And immediately I realised that nothing was more important in the world than sewing a matching hat for Zoe’s new Redondo skirt. I started cutting that night, sewed a little before leaving for Quilt Market the next morning, and was finished by Saturday night.

The hat is the Make it Perfect Lazy Day Hat and having never sewn a hat in my life I am very pleased with how well this one turned out.

Of course I then had to get up at 8am to sew a Dumbledore costume for an 11.30am birthday party across the other side of town. But hey – it was all worth it :) Life is busy I tell you – but I think I’ve got my priorities straight! (and for anyone who’s curious the Dumbledore costume is here!)