At the end of the Versatile Wrap pattern there is a warning that once you’ve made your skirt you won’t want to take it off. Well ain’t that the truth! I’ve worn my skirt nearly every day as we’ve sweltered our way through a recent spring heatwave. In the interests of a little variety I was about to make a second version when I found a poor sad old skirt in my wardrobe that was too threadbare to wear out of the house but too cool and comfortable to throw away. I still wore it….just not out of the house anymore. I used this tired old skirt as a pattern and made a new 2009 verson :)

The Nani Iro double gauze makes a beautiful lightweight skirt that is ideal for hot Melbourne days, and I’ve lined it with super soft 100% cotton Swiss voile to make a perfect replacement for my tired old skirt.

I found white Voile hard to get hold of (Spotlight has it in all sorts of other colours), so I ordered a roll of it and have added it to the store. It is perfect for lining double gauze skirts and dresses for both children and adults :)