Hawthorn had just won the AFL Grand Final, and we were on a once in a lifetime trip around Europe in a modern day Combi Van. Here’s Miss Zoe in London, the day of the big victory (we’d been up since 4am to watch the match live). She’s playing with the first of the autumn leaves, but it was a beautiful day in London as the summer weather lingered just a little longer.

This year we’re back home in Melbourne. Hawthorn didn’t make it to the finals this year, and although it is supposedly spring in Australia, yesterday was a cold, wet and windy day. Lucky for me I had something special to snuggle under as we watched the match on tv….


I’m thankful I’ve had some time to enjoy the warmth of my first quilt on my lap on a wintery day. I am however optimistically starting on some more summery projects. No doubt the hot weather will be here soon enough.