Before opening this store I ummmed and ahhhed and ummmmed and ahhhed about whether to sell by the yard or metre. I know…given that Australia adopted the metric system 39 years ago, metres would seem the obvious choice…but I had some good reasons for selling in yards, and that’s how I decided to do it. But it NEVER felt right – and I feel a huge sense of relief and excitement to announce that all fabric is now being sold by the metre. AND you’ll notice that the price has not gone up! So you’re now getting an extra 8.6cm of fabric with your orders!

In other exciting news – Sandi Henderson fabric is on sale for two weeks only at 20% off! Woohooo – 20% off, an extra 8.6cm and as always free postage within Australia! That’s got to bring a smile to any crafty girl’s (or guy’s) face :-)

And to finish with here’s an image to drool over. An order of European corduroy waiting to be packaged for the post. Isn’t that pretty!